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 Semipro Cup Series Winners
Aug 24
Jano Jam
Nov 06
RIT Scrub Squad
Bracket flow

Matches are automatically made as teams become available in each round to reduce waiting time. For example, the first match of round 3 is between the two earliest winners of round 2.


At least 4 players on every team must be from North or South America.


You may only play on one team per tournament. Ringers/stand-ins are allowed as long as that player has not played with another team in the same tournament. During registration, please submit the most accurate roster possible. You may edit your roster at any time.


Every team must have at least one English speaking representative in chat throughout the entire tournament. If your representative cannot reasonably communicate in English, you will be disqualified.


Each team is allowed up to 3 pauses per game. Pauses must not exceed 2 minutes. Pauses are not permitted to be used for tactical purposes. Prolonged pauses or disputes of any kind will be dealt with on a per-match basis.

Winning the game

Do not leave the game until the enemy throne is dead. This can be accomplished with one team forfeiting by typing "gg" in the game, or by killing the throne. If you leave the game before the enemy team throne dies you will forfeit the game.

Reporting Matches

Report results to the admin in chat.

Observers, Casters, and Streamers

Casual observers are never permitted. Only players, casters, and SECS staff should be in games. If you would like to cast on your own channel, notify the admin in chat and join games on your own. Anyone streaming must use a 2 minute delay, including players.


Any action considered "abuse" of the game, rules, or DotaTV ticket is subject to a season-long ban. Abuse may include the intentional exploitation of bugs, courier feeding for ticket viewers, etc.


Prizes are sent via PayPal. If you cannot receive prizes due to country restrictions or any other reason, you will not receive your prize.

Game Settings
  • Server Location: US East (unless both teams agree otherwise and get admin approval)
  • Game Mode: Captains Mode
  • Starting Team: Random
  • Version: Tournament
  • Spectators: Enabled
  • Cheats: Disabled
  • The higher seed chooses their side (Radiant or Dire)