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 Semipro Cup Series Winners
Aug 24
Jano Jam
Nov 06
RIT Scrub Squad


In December 2009, NADotA and Kapz launched the Sunday Night Cup, a weekly tournament designed to start and end all in one night. The goal was to provide a scheduled competitive practice opportunity for all North and South American teams. Shortly after, Spit-wad assumed admin duties and the event was renamed to the Sunday Evening Cup Series. Since then, the community has kept the series alive under the leadership of nearly a dozen admins, most notably Stu "Live" Clifton, Lauro "Geno" Pangilinan, CulBlu, F4L, and Ersu.

Known as the breeding grounds for competitive teams, SECS once cultivated future pros such as compLexity (FIRE), Absolute Legends (N9), It's Gosu, paiN Gaming, Fnatic.NA (JT Dota), and many more. In October 2013, the series was rebranded as SECS Reloaded, complete with a $100 weekly prize and a DotaTV ticket for sale. The Thursday Evening Cup Series launched in January 2014 with a nearly identical format.

The two tournaments were combined and rebranded as the Semipro Evening Cup Series in May 2014, along with a new website launch that featured the fastest single elimination grid format.


Mike "Mimic" - Tournament Admin

Nate "Exiled" - Tournament Admin

Steven "Toffees" Pierce - Lead Caster

Jeff "sesh" - Web Developer

Nick "ch0p" - Server Admin

Aaron "Spit-wad" Stern - Commissioner